Event Tags

Event tags are used as a way to identify certain keywords that describe and categorize the event more specifically. These tags display both on event pages as well as in search. Users/attendees will be able to find events near them and filter that search by their desired tags. Tags are also used by administrators for reporting and analytics purposes.

Note, event tags are different from event types which allow you to set the event settings available to your community.

Creating Tags

  1. If you don't see the below options in your dashboard, talk to your Bevy Customer Success Manager to get tags enabled on your site
  2. You will have a section in Admin Dashboard > Settings > Event Tags to add and edit Tags.
  3. We recommend no more than 20 tags in total for user experience! 

Adding Tags to Event

  1. Visit Event Type settings in Admin Dashboard > Settings > Event Types to set a Maximum # of Tags greater than zero in order to make them display in Event Creation. 
  2. Once the above Event Type settings step is completed:
    1. Organizers will see Tags when creating events using that event type.
    2. Site visitors will be able to search for events by tag on
      • the homepage upcoming events widget: 
      • /events page: 
      • event pages: 
      • upcoming events section on chapter pages: 
  3. Tags also are filterable in the Admin Dashboard Analytics: 

  4. Tags also show up in the API: https://docs.bevy.com/technical-documentation/api/event/list-event-tags

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