Max Limits

The below represents specific limits on Bevy Virtual and Bevy Virtual Conferences for the Stage, Backstage, Sessions, Networking, and Booths.

Each Stage

The maximum number of presenters who can present on the stage at once is 9. This visible maximum is only 5 if there is a screen share active. The 5 presenters that will show are the first 5 presents to join on audio and video.

There is not a maximum number of attendees who can view a stage.

If you use Multiple Stages, you may run up to 7 stages. Otherwise, you’ll have one single stage to use.


The maximum number of sessions you can run at the same time is unlimited. 

The maximum number of presenters in a live session is variable (see below).

The maximum number of attendees who can watch a live session is variable, averaging around 500 (see below). Pre-recorded sessions are not subject to the aforementioned attendee limits.

Depending on the number of people on screen, the presenter and attendee max looks like:

Speakers (presenters) x viewers (attendees) >= 3000

  • 1 presenter: 3000 viewers maximum
  • 2 presenters: 1500 viewers maximum
  • 3 presenters: 1000 viewers maximum
  • 4 presenters: 750 viewers maximum
  • 5 presenters: 600 viewers maximum
  • 10 presenters: 300 viewers maximum
  • 20 presenters: 150 viewers maximum

This is a third party limit that ensures optimal performance and stability.

The above maximum # of viewers also applies to standard Bevy Virtual events.

The rule of thumb here is that if you wish to do interactive sessions - with everyone on camera - ensure to keep the sessions small, and try not exceed 50 people in total. This is great for intimate sessions, networking, workshops etc.

If you are doing a large scale event, limit your speakers that are in the Session at the same time to less than 4 - this will allow you to have 1000 people join your session. You can have as many speakers as you like, just ensure that they are not all given AV access at the same time.

If you are doing a panel with 20 speakers - all on the Session view at the same time - ensure to cap your invitations to a max of 150 attendees. However, you can do the same panel with 20 speakers but bring them up 4 at a time, or get them to communicate via a platform and bring them up to answer questions - then you have over 1000 attending.

Alternatively, you might consider splitting out your speakers and running concurrent sessions.


The maximum number of tables you can run at the same time is unlimited.

The maximum number of attendees per Networking table is customizable - 2 through 50 on presenter mode. Hosts are the exception to this rule. Hosts can join a networking table and exceed this limit.

Also, we allow attendees to join after this limit but just to observe. In other words, they are not able to join on audio or video.


The maximum number of Booths you can run at the same time is unlimited. 

The maximum number of presenters in a live Booth is variable like Sessions. The maximum number of attendees who can watch the Booth is variable like Sessions. (see aforementioned table under Sessions).

Pre-recorded booths can have an unlimited number of attendees but if you convert it to a Live Booth it will be subject to the Session limits mentioned above.

Questions & Answers

The maximum number of questions that can be asked is 100. 

At 100, the input will be put on hold so no more questions can be submitted. 

Hosts will need to dismiss or answer questions back down to 85 in order to allow questions to be submitted again.

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