Lesson 06 - Creating Chapter Newsletters

Hello! and thanks for joining me today as we continue your training and take a look at creating chapter newsletters in Bevy!

We know that growing your community is all about communication. Consistent communication to your members is easy with Bevy.

First, we took a look at creating events pages in the Events Creation section of your training. But how do members get notified about new events? By signing up for the chapter. 

Your goal is to create a great community and to get members to sign up, and to grow your membership from this, to this. As the number of members in your chapter grows, you’ll find the newsletter functionality really useful. 

We’re going to take a look at how chapter organizers can easily create awesome newsletters like this, with: a subject, formatted text, links and images, links to upcoming events, links to sign up for events, sponsors and partners, and the important unsubscribe button.

We’re going to look at how you can select an audience for your email, like members with an event ticket. We’re also going to look at how you can schedule emails.

On the dashboard, select emails and new email. Type in your details and your audience, in this case, all chapter members. Give it a title, and drop in your text. Now we can highlight and format the text. You can also drop images into the email as desired. Bevy will automatically suggest upcoming events to include, and you can remove and add events as desired.

You can also add partners and sponsors to your communications for those much needed thank yous for all they do to support your events and your community.

By saving your email as a draft, you can preview it in a browser and send test emails, ensuring everything is beautiful and correct before communicating with your membership.

Now that your content is all set, you can choose to send immediately, or schedule for a future date and time. When you work with emails in Bevy, you can choose to view them by event or status, such as sent, scheduled, or draft. You can also see what emails are upcoming.

As you send more emails, you’ll get to know your community better - we’ll look at the data analytics in more detail later in this session.

When you look at the data, you may ask yourself, “what makes a great newsletter?” Great newsletters are tailor-made to suit and benefit the community they’re intended for. Here, we’ve got three different types of newsletters. Chapter organizers know their membership the best, so you can craft the newsletter content as you see fit. In addition, you’ll have the ability to personalize this content, by incorporating personalized placeholders in Bevy. Rather than sending generic blanket emails, you can add dynamic tags to the text to make your members feel special and drive engagement. With functions like this, you can increase the connectivity with your community, and ultimately earn more RSVPs and members.

And that wraps up our lesson on creating awesome chapter newsletters in Bevy. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Help@Bevy.com and we’ll be glad to answer them for you! See you in another lesson!

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