Lesson 12 - Managing Automated and System Emails

Hello! and thanks for joining me today as we continue your training and take a look at automated and system emails in Bevy. 

In addition to the customized chapter newsletters sent by your chapter organizers, there are two additional ways you can help simplify your organizers’ efforts, and ensure that all members across your community receive regular event updates, as well as all of the information they might need regarding tickets and more. 

Automated emails and system emails are powerful ways to communicate with all chapter members. They also help to keep chapter teams informed. 

Let’s take a moment to understand the difference.

Automated emails are considered marketing emails - so if a member opts out, they will not receive these communications. 

System emails are considered transactional emails which will always be sent to chapter members. System emails will always be sent to the email address the chapter member provided, regardless of if they’ve opted in or out. 

Log into Bevy, go to the Admin Dashboard > Emails > Automated Emails. 

Bevy comes with a number of stock automated emails you can modify.Here are a couple of examples:

A 72 hour reminder will be sent to members without an event RSVP, seventy two hours before the event starts. 

For this next one, a 2 week event reminder will be sent to the chapter team only - this is a great way to keep the whole team informed, and to ensure the event planning goes smoothly. Using automated emails ensures consistency throughout your community, and it saves you and your organizers precious time. Let’s take a closer look at a 48 hour reminder email. 

The TITLE REFERENCE will only be visible to within the system - the Subject will serve as the subject line delivered to members. You can choose your desired audience, in this case, members with an event RSVP.

We use DYNAMIC TAGS in Bevy to automate the information provided in emails. The Event Title tag, would be replaced with the event name assigned during the event creation steps we reviewed earlier in your lessons. The automated email will pick up links for the event, as well as the event description for this dynamic tag. You can also add buttons with hyperlinks. 

Automated emails are then sent based on triggers, or things that happen. In this case, the email will be sent 48 hours before the event start. When you’re happy with the email copy, click to enable the automated email, and save. This means that all events created across all chapters in your community will automatically send a 48 hour event reminder to all members with an RSVP. Your organizers can focus on providing awesome content and experiences, rather than being stuck in the weeds of event planning. 

As an administrator, automated emails are easy to create, and can serve your community as you see fit. Let’s create one quickly. In today’s virtual event world, it’s nice to get a 5 minute reminder as well. Using different components presented, you’ll drag and drop to create your email copy. 

First, you’ll drag a Rich Text component into the email body. Begin typing your message. By clicking the plus sign on the top left of the component, you can also upload images and gain access to additional formatting. To personalize your messages, you can use dynamic tags. Start by typing an asterisk - there are a ton of tagging options available to you, from the member’s name, to the event, to the chapter info, and more.

You’ve got everything you need to create beautiful, personalized emails in Bevy. 

The components available for click and drag are based on the triggers you choose. When I select an Event Start trigger, I get a new component option called event details. I drag that in the same way we started the Rich Text field. Drag one more Rich Text component down to close it out. Here, I’d like to highlight one of my event partners - using the formatting options, I can create a button and hyperlink it to their site in thanks. As we reviewed before, I’ll finalize my desired send settings, enable the automated email, and click save. 

Automated emails will also help you with time critical tasks. Cancelling events is never fun, but sometimes, you have to do it. This automated email will ensure that members with a ticket are notified of the cancellation as soon as possible. This automated email is triggered 20 minutes after any event is cancelled. 

When you create an automated email template and activate it, it will be added to your chapters’ outgoing emails. Your chapter organizers can either reschedule these emails, or cancel them as desired. Members also have control over which automated emails they want to receive, as all automated emails will have an unsubscribe option included at the bottom.

Now, let’s take a look at system emails, or transactional emails. Log into Bevy, go to the Admin Dashboard > Emails > System Emails. 

As with automated emails, Bevy comes with a number of stock system emails you can modify, and more can be added if desired. 

Let’s take a look at ticket confirmations. Here, you can see how it’s built up using dynamic tags. In this case, it includes member specific information, as well as a button to download their event ticket. System emails also help with time critical tasks. Say for instance someone wants a refund on their event ticket. That’s a lot of information to send over, and it’s best handled with automation. By again using dynamic tags, you know that the information sent over will be correct. 

The emails basically write themselves, removing these otherwise not-so-fun tasks from both your desk, and your organizers. 

Automated emails and system emails will help your chapters communicate with their members, and their team - all while keeping your communications consistent, saving time, and handling time-critical tasks with ease thanks to the dynamic tags in Bevy.

And that wraps up our lesson on enabling your chapter organizers with automated and system emails in Bevy. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Help@Bevy.com and we’ll be glad to answer them for you! See you in another lesson!

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