Lesson 03 - Creating and Managing Events

Hello! and thanks for joining me today as we continue your training and take a look at creating and managing events in Bevy!

Log into bevy as a chapter organizer. Under Events on the left, you’ll find all the tools you need to create awesome event pages. Bevy supports all kinds of events: webinars, virtual networking, panel discussions, virtual conferencing, and much more. Your community administrator has already set up some Event Types for you to start with. 

Choose your desired event type, and start a new event. First, we’ll fill in the basic event details: Event title, and Short and Long Descriptions.

Highlight text to see your formatting options. All of the expected formatting options are there, from alignments, lists, hyperlinks, and more. 

Decide if your event is going to be available to the public - by default, events created in hidden and test chapters will be hidden.

Choose your event banner, and event thumbnail. 

The banner will show on the event page, while the thumbnail will appear when the event is shared on social media.

Choose your event date and time.

And set up your agenda. If your agendas are all similarly structured, save time with the Bevy magic wand, which will automatically populate your agenda with the activities from your last published event. Make the necessary changes, and choose your event platform.

Bevy virtual is a browser based virtual meeting, or you can choose to use an external meeting location, like Discord or Zoom. 

All sessions will be joinable 15 minutes before the event start time.

Next, let’s tell your audience who they’ll hear from at the event. Choose your speakers and other event emcees from the database. Start your search, and make your selection. 

If the person you’re looking for isn’t yet in the database, add them using the Add New button. Here, you’ll fill out their details, and now, this speaker will be available not only to this chapter, but to all chapters within the community. This is a huge time saver for both you and other organizers in the community, as well as a great opportunity to share awesome content with one another. 

Have an awesome presentation at your event? Recommend other organizers invite the speaker as well, and when they’re ready, they can use the same speaker information. If any changes are made to the speaker profile, they’ll be updated for all organizers. 

Thanking your event partners is paramount - make sure they’re seen on the event pages, as well as any event communications. These options look very similar to the ones you have for speakers. 

While speakers are available across all chapters, partners can be managed at both the chapter and the global level by an administrator. In this case, we’re choosing local partners for this particular event.

Now, for the most important part! Your attendees! Set up the types of tickets you’d like to offer. In this case, we’re going with a free event, and requesting only an RSVP. Once you’ve set the ticket title and the quantity, you’ll find some additional settings, like

Limited time availability (think early bird tickets)

As well unique ticket descriptions.

You can also enable a waitlist, for those best case scenarios where you sell out!

Now that your event’s all set, you can choose to save it as a draft, or go ahead and publish it, which will trigger automated email notifications - hang tight - we’ll talk about managing member emails shortly! 

Let’s take a look at a few more options before we leave our events options. 

On the day of, you’ll need to check in your attendees! For virtual events, this happens automatically. In-person, you can give the first person through the door check-in staff permissions in your chapter team settings and have them login with their phone or an ipad to help out.

We’ll take a much closer look at forms in the Data Analytics section of your training - this is where you’ll ask attendees who they are and how they liked the event. 

You can enable waitlists to all ticket types to ensure that everyone who wants to attend, can attend by releasing additional tickets.

Highlighting feature attendees on your event pages is a great way to really spice up the networking. Anyone with an RSVP can apply to become a Featured attendee, and as the organizer, you have full control over who is displayed. 

A couple of great examples - this is a fantastic way to highlight job seekers and thought leaders who will be attending. 

When your event has completed, you’ll also see a new tab in the event options. This is where you can beautifully wrap up your event, and provide your community with the session recording, slides, pictures from the event, and as much information as you can. 

If you hosted the event using Bevy Virtual, you’ll find your session recordings stored for you here. This means everything is all in one place. If someone is considering joining your events in the future, the wrap up tab and its contents will help you convince them. 

Wrapping up events is quick and easy, because we reuse all of that awesome information you already uploaded during planning. The agenda, speakers, featured attendees - all of it!

This page will live forever, and serve to entice new members to join long after the event has ended. 

And that wraps up our lesson on creating and managing events in Bevy. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Help@Bevy.com and we’ll be glad to answer them for you! See you in another lesson!

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