Lesson 09 - Using Bevy Virtual

Welcome to Bevy Virtual! We're excited to bring you a complete end-to-end virtual community event solution. Bevy Virtual events will ensure that your attendees never have to download an app to join your events and event organizers no longer have to manage additional tools. 

Bevy Virtual events are easily accessible from your internet browser, and for you organizers, all attendees will be automatically checked in, and event recordings will be conveniently stored in your Event Wrap Up tab. 

In today's virtual world, it's likely you are managing additional meeting tools like: Zoom, GoToMeeting, GoogleMeet, or one of the many others available today. You need to create an event link in one tool, and then add it to your event details. 

When your attendees join, they probably have to download an additional app, adjust their audio/video settings, and on your end, you're likely starting events by saying, "let's give everyone another minute to join". 

With Bevy Virtual, you'll create all of the details of your event, including the meeting location, all in one place with a simple dropdown. Once the event is published, you'll be provided a permalink that can be used across all event promotions and marketing.

No need to navigate between tools or spend time enabling your presenters to download and use new apps. Ever had a presenter call last minute and tell you their machine is locked down by IT and they can't install your desired tool? 

No more! As long as they've got Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox installed, they're good to go!

So how does it work? I've RSVP'd and am now joining a Bevy Virtual event. 

Bevy Virtual supports up to 20 Hosts and Attendees who have audio and video capabilities, plus an additional 500 attendees who can watch, listen, and participate via chat. 

As an Organizer, you will automatically enter your Bevy Virtual event as a host, and have the moderation controls necessary to manage presenters, moderate your event, and record those important moments. 

Additionally, all attendees will be automatically checked in for you as they enter the Bevy Virtual event, ensuring your post-event communications can be delivered as simply as possible.

We offer 2 roles in a Bevy Virtual session: Hosts and Attendees. Everyone who registers, registers for your event as an attendee, and will enter the session without audio/video access. X

They can simply view and listen to the stream and engage in chat. If a need arises for them to share audio and video, any Host may click the dropdown next to any attendees' name and enable Presenter Mode. 

Organizers will automatically enter sessions as hosts and will need to turn on Presenter Mode for their presenters as they enter the session. Hosts may promote any attendees to hosts at any time to assist them with moderation. 

All Hosts can turn on presenter mode, remove users, mute attendees, moderate chat, create recordings, and end the event. 

Additionally, Hosts have the ability to create breakout rooms from the Rooms tab in the right sidebar. Select the Number of attendees per room. 

The number of total breakout rooms will be calculated automatically. We limit the number of attendees in each room to 9, with the exception of Hosts who are free to join/leave any room. X

You have the option to set a time limit on the breakout room sessions after which all attendees will return to the event. To do so, check the Time limit box and input your preferred duration in minutes. 

When the breakout rooms are created, Hosts will remain in the main session but may enter and exit any of the breakout rooms as needed.

And of course - the #1 question we're sure you're answering as virtual events become the norm, "Will this session be recorded?" 

As the host, you have full control over this. You can record full sessions, or you can choose to record multiple clips during a session! 

All recordings, including those created in breakout rooms, will be available to you in the events wrap-up tab when your ready to send out those awesome event recaps. 

From your Events Wrap Up tab, you'll need to download your recordings and drop them off for sharing in your desired social sharing app: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

We're excited to bring you Bevy Virtual, and we're sure this is going to help you organize fantastic virtual events for the community you love, while ensuring a simple and streamlined experience for both your presenters, and your attendees! 

Please reach out to us at Help@Bevy.com if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement! Bevy Virtual is available for you to use today, and we can't wait to see you get started!

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