Lesson 06 - Managing Chapter Members

Hello! and thanks for joining me today as we continue your training and take a look at managing members in Bevy! We’re going to take a look at a couple of member management tools in your Bevy toolbox. 

First, let’s talk about existing member lists. It’s important to remember that the Bevy community structure is a grass roots, or ground up approach. Bevy administrators enable and empower chapter organizers to recruit their own chapter members, who then recruit additional chapter members and so on. Because this is the type of community scaling Bevy is built for, it is only possible to upload existing membership lists to specific chapters. 

To upload member lists, administrators and chapter organizers will need to start with a CSV file. The file should contain columns First Name, Last Name, Email, and be saved exclusively as a .CSV.

Next, you’ll Sign in, navigate to your Dashboard, search for the desired chapter if applicable, and click Members from the left sidebar. Click the Add / Import Members button. Click Browse to upload the .CSV file. Fill out the required checks confirming member consent. When you’re ready, click submit. The chapter team lead organizers will receive an email once all chapter members have been imported.

Alternatively, you can add a singular member instead of uploading in bulk. To add an individual member, search for them using search or fill out the name and email fields - only existing site members will be discoverable via search. If they’re not already a site member, you’ll need to add their first and last name and an email and click Add Chapter Member to save. 

Removing members is also handled by clicking members from the left sidebar. Click on the Member tab in the Chapter sidebar. Search for the member you want to delete. Select the contextual menu (3 vertical dots) on the right for a drop down of options once you've found the member you would like to remove Select Delete Member and click OK to confirm chapter member removal. While members cannot be added at the admin level, you can access and delete members from the admin dashboard. You’ll navigate to the admin dashboard and members on the left sidebar. Search for them using search, and click on their name. Scroll to the bottom of the entry and select delete account. Confirm the member deletion by entering your password and clicking delete account. 

Another task you’re likely to encounter is a member asking you to help them reset their password. Members will be given a path to reset their password from the login page, but if for some reason that cannot be completed, a password reset can be initiated manually. Chapter organizers will need to get in touch with an administrator to start this process. An administrator will Navigate to the admin dashboard and members on the left sidebar. Search for the member using search, and click on their name. Scroll to the bottom of the entry and click reset password and confirm. An email will be sent to the members’ email address with instructions. 

Member management isn’t just about paperwork. It’s also about getting to know them! By clicking on the members name, chapter organizers can get a better look at their members' role in the chapter, and the larger community. You can review details like how long they’ve been a member, how many other chapters they’re a member of, and how many events they’ve attended. 

And that wraps up our lesson on managing chapter members in Bevy. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Help@Bevy.com and we’ll be glad to answer them for you! See you in another lesson!

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