This article will outline how to create a Stage - or Multiple Stages - in Bevy Virtual Conference, looking for Bevy Virtual, go here.

How to create and manage the stage

  1. Create a Virtual Conference Event
    1. Event type needs to have the "Enable conference agenda" setting enabled - see here for information about event types
  2. Once your event is published, click on "Agenda" tab
  3. Type in the Title of the Stage Name
  4. Click the Pencil icon next to Stage Name to get to streaming info (Both Broadcasting to the Stage + Livestreaming from Stage)
  5. Fill in your Stage Sessions

How to create Multiple Stages

If you have multiple stages enabled on your instance, you can create up to seven.

  1. In the Agenda section, Click Stage
  2. To create another stage, click the Plus sign "+" between Stage and Sessions. Create additional stages using this.

Learn about Sessions here.

How to delete a Stage

  1. Navigate to the Stage
  2. Click Delete

Please Note: You cannot not delete the first stage

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