Lesson 05 - Managing Event Types

Hello! and thanks for joining me today as we continue your training and take a look at creating event types in Bevy!

A community administrator’s goal is to give their organizers all the tools they need to host incredible events on their own. To make it as easy as possible for them, you’ll want to provide them with some event types. Essentially, you’re offering your organizers different event outlines to get them started. Bevy supports all kinds of events: webinars, virtual networking, panel discussions, virtual conferencing, and much more. The event types you encourage your organizers to host are up to your imagination!

To create a new event type, first Select Settings from the left sidebar on the Admin Dashboard and select the tab for Event Types. Click New Event Type, and Give your new Event Type a name. 

Choose whether this Event Type will support In-Person events or Virtual event. In-person events will require a venue address and emails related to the event will include the address. Virtual events will support adding a link to the event page and emails related to the event will include the virtual link, and you can designate whether the virtual event URL is required in order to publish the event or not. By clicking the checkboxes, you can also determine if this event type will support multi day agendas and recurrent events. 

TO BE DISPLAYED IN CHAPTERS: The default is to show this event type on all chapters. This allows your chapter organizers to select this event type when creating an event. You can also choose to show this event type only to certain chapters. 

PEOPLE: There are a variety of people types that you can include on an event type. These selections represent the words that will describe speaking participants of the event. For example, if your event type is a Panel Discussion, you’ll want to include a minimum and maximum number of panelists as a guideline for your organizers to follow. To include a people type, set the maximum greater than 0. If the fields are left at 0, that person type will not appear as an option during event creation.

STARTUPS: Similar to the People section, you can opt to include a minimum and maximum for Startups. In this case, many of our customers host Startup Pitch competitions so we’ve incorporated this as an option for everyone. If the fields are left at 0, Startups will not appear as an option during event creation.

LOCAL SPONSOR TIERS: We’ll discuss Sponsors in more detail in another lesson, but it’s important to note here that a sponsor would be defined as anyone exchanging cash for services or promotion. If you anticipate local sponsorships for this event type, you’ll add those here. You can then name the sponsor tiers as needed. 

TICKETS: Here you’ll find a couple of options. With Bevy ticketing, you have the option to use Tickets, which can be free or paid, or RSVPs, which are just registrations, and cannot have a monetary value attached to them. 

External ticketing allows for the use of external URLs in the event creation. Let’s talk use cases for external ticketing. Maybe you’ve got a global event coming up and are hosting a custom registration page. You could enable all of your chapter organizers to also create an event to share the basic event information with their local members, and use the external ticketing option to drive members to your custom registration page. 

We’ll talk more about ticketing in the Creating Events lesson. 

DEFAULT IMAGE: Providing the event banner and thumbnail in the event type will help ensure continuity across all chapters who use this event type.

Now that you’ve completed your selections, Click Save Event Type and Publish to confirm. Once you save, this Event Type will be an available option to all organizers, or just those you selected, when they create a new event.

And that wraps up our lesson on creating event types in Bevy. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Help@Bevy.com and we’ll be glad to answer them for you! See you in another lesson!

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