Lesson 02 - Community Homepage

Hello! and thanks for joining me today as we continue your training and take a look at building and managing your community homepage in Bevy!

Community Homepage
We all know first impressions are everything. Starting with your community homepage. This page should tell potential members everything they need to know about your community, and make them want to join!!! Each section of the homepage can be customized, and enabled by working with your Bevy customer success manager. While much of this will be completed during your initial site implementation, let’s review again the anatomy of the homepage, and some steps you can take to ensure your first impression is a complete, exciting look at your community.

Homepage Sliders and Marketing Promotions
The two tools you’ll use most to communicate with your members on the community homepage are sliders and marketing promotions. The homepage slider is the first thing visitors will see on your homepage, and can include multiple images. Contents of this slider will be visible to everyone who visits the site. You can edit the background image, add text to be displayed over the image, and create hyperlinks to other areas of your community. 

In addition to the homepage slider, you can have multiple marketing promotions live at once, and these can be used in a variety of ways to serve different audiences within your community. For example, you can create a public announcement for all visitors at the top of the page, like, “don’t forget to sign up for our annual conference here!”, as well as another promotion set to display above the Dashboard for only your chapter organizers - in this second example, you might include a link to your community playbook or the latest and greatest marketing assets for the community.

To edit these elements of your homepage, you’ll first navigate to the Homepage from the left sidebar on the Admin Dashboard.

The first tab, Sliders, will determine the banner that appears on your community landing page. Start by clicking Add Slide to create a new banner. Fill in the respective fields and upload an image. Click Save Carousel and Publish. To make changes, click on an existing slider to edit it, make your changes, and click save and publish.

On the second tab, you can create your marketing promotions. Start by clicking New Promo, and fill in a Title, a URL if needed, and specify a desired location on the site for the promotion. You’ll find many options to choose from. For example, choosing public pages or above homepage carousel means that this promotion will be visible to everyone who visits the site. Choosing emails top or bottom will append the promotion to all emails and newsletters sent from all chapters. When choosing Above Dashboard, you’re choosing to communicate only with your organizers who have that additional access to the site when they log in. When you're happy with your selections, you’ll click save promo to push it live. 

The next few sections of the homepage can be toggled on or off, and require working directly with your Bevy customer success manager to make changes. 

Intro Text
For your intro text, we can display a short snippet of text about your community. Again, you’ll need to work directly with your customer success manager to enable or update this section.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events are loaded in this section dynamically from across all chapters. Events surface based on location of the site visitor and date of the event. Members can also search to see what events are happening in a particular city.

The map section displays an icon for each chapter location. These icons dynamically display based on chapter latitude and longitude settings. Site visitors can search for chapters based on a city, country or region.

Explore by Region
This section allows site visitors to select a specific region from a pick list and see all chapters within that region. Don’t forget, Regions listings don’t always have to be location based. We can also organize Chapters by topics or specialties. We’ll take a closer look at creating and managing regions in a future lesson.

Site Footer
And last but not least, let’s take a look at your site footer. The site footer contains a short description of your website, quick links and links to social media. To edit these elements, you’ll need to navigate to the general settings section of your admin dashboard. Select Settings from the left sidebar, and remain on the General tab. To update the website description, scroll to the Content section, and update the Platform Short Description field. To update your social media links, you’ll scroll to the social links section.

And that wraps up our lesson on the Community homepage. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Help@Bevy.com and we’ll be glad to answer them for you! See you in another lesson!

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