Lesson 01 - Bevy Basics

Hello! and thanks for joining me today as we kick off your training and take a look at the basic building blocks of Bevy! 

The Bevy Virtual Conference and Community platform makes it easy for communities to scale and maintain year round engagement. With a fully white-labeled community hub, email automation, attendee management, CRM integrations, and a 100 point permission system, brand community managers can enable and empower their local community advocates to build and nurture their own local communities.

With Bevy, you don't just host virtual events, you build community; facilitate real conversations, share interactive content, engage in one-to-one networking, and generate tangible business results. Support both in-person and virtual events, all with the same tools, and all year long.

So how do we do it? Let’s start by understanding the basic building blocks: The Community Homepage, Regions, Chapters, and Events.  

What is the community homepage?
The community homepage is where potential attendees will be first introduced to your community. This page is managed by the community administrator. And here, they can help attendees to: learn more about the community at large, review current and past events, and just get a feel for who you are and what you're about. This is also a potential attendees’ first look into chapters, regions, and upcoming events.

What is a Chapter?
A chapter in Bevy is an independent group within a larger organization that specializes in a specific topic or meets regularly in the same location. Events held within each chapter are organized by team members, or chapter organizers as we like to call them. You can have in-person chapters, virtual chapters, or chapters that do a little bit of both. Each chapter must be tied to a specific geographical location, because even with virtual only chapters, time zones are an important element for both organizers, and their event attendees. When someone chooses to become a chapter member, they opt into communications from the chapter they joined. They can even join multiple chapters if they choose to. 

What is a Region?
Now let’s talk about how we organize chapters. A region in Bevy is defined as the larger geographic region within which several chapters may exist. Most commonly, our customers use regions to designate different continents and time zones, but you can use regions for any sort of chapter segmentation. Another example of this might be to sort chapters by specialty or topic rather than geography. Additionally, Bevy offers region specific event analytics for administrators to help them really dial in to set achievable goals and make adjustments when and where they’re required. 

What is an event?
And for our final building block, let’s talk about our ultimate goal, EVENTS! An event in Bevy is a one-time occasion that is either in-person or virtual, takes place within a single chapter, and caters to a specific group of attendees, members who have subscribed to that chapter. You can offer multiple ticket types and registration options in order to group your members in various ways. For example, you can create both general admission and VIP tickets to your event. You can also make your event a recurring series!

Now that we have the basics, we’ll dig into your training. The following lessons are designed around a task-based approach to training. A task-based training course emphasizes the steps you’ll follow to complete a particular task. The Bevy Virtual Conference and Community platform is robust and therefore, it is impractical to cover every minute detail and aspect of the platform and keep our lessons to a reasonable length. The focus of these lessons will be on the fundamental skills and concepts central to the successful use of the Bevy Platform. Once you’ve developed a solid foundation in basic skills, you can refer to the online help for more information on less frequently used features, as well as reach out to us at any time at Help@Bevy.com

With that, I say welcome and thank you for joining me! I look forward to introducing you to all things Bevy! See you in the next lesson!

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