Livestream Your Event

This article explains how to livestream from your event.

Livestream your Event

You are able to livestream out from a Stage to 4 different places at once. (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc.)

  • Create a Bevy Virtual Conference
  • Go to your Agenda, Click on Stage
  • Click Pencil Icon next to Stage Name to open Steaming information
  • Insert your RTMP Details from YouTube, Facebook or elsewhere.
    • Name is the platform you are sending it to
    • Stream URL is the url that is provided by the platform you are stream in to (e.g. YouTube or Facebook)
    • Stream Key is the key that will be provided to you by the platform (e.g. YouTube or Facebook)
  • To save the Stream you've added, click Add Stream
  • Please note: This only streams your Stage. Sessions cannot be streamed. If you need to change your stream keys on the provider side, you will also need to remove it from the Bevy Agenda and re-add it. You also cannot add/remove streams while the Stage is already live. You must set it up beforehand.

You likely will be using the backstage to stream into the Stage in Bevy. To learn more about that, see Broadcasting to the Stage.

If you're in the middle of broadcasting and you wish to stream to another platform, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Stop broadcasting
  2. Delete key in dashboard
  3. Save
  4. Add new key to rtmp from YouTube into Bevy stage agenda builder
  5. Save
  6. Go Backstage, and Broadcast again.

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