Top 5 things to know after creating event

This article will walk you through the top 5 things you need to know once you've created a Bevy Virtual Conference event

Once you've created an event (go here to see how to create event) These are the top things to know

1.) Fill in the Agenda

You need to create a session in "Stage" part of the agenda. *Without a session on the Stage, there will not be a Stage in your conference*

Follow these steps to create a Stage Session in the agenda

 2.) Difference between a Stage, Session, Booths & Networking Table

There are 4 sections to your Conference, a Stage, Session, Booths & Networking Table


  • This is the Main stage - here for more info
  • Unlimited number of attendees
  • Ability to live stream to Youtube
  • Presenters must use the Backstage link in order to broadcast to the main stage
  • You can broadcast to the main stage from any broadcasting software as long as it support RTMP streaming (here for more details)


  • More intimate stage designed as "breakout rooms" - Go here to set them up
  • Max of 500 attendees per Session
  • No "backstage" - everyone just clicks 'Join' to enter, promote speakers to be "Presenters"
  • Can have Live or Pre-recorded Sessions - see here for more info
  • Breakout Rooms can be used during a Session - great for structured Networking for Attendees
  • HOT TIP - Create a "green room" session that's available all day and only available to your speakers
    • This is a place where they can get setup and check that everything is working, before sending them to their main stage session or session.
    • Go here to see how to restrict ticket types


  • Can be live or pre-recorded - here for more
  • Typically used for Sponsors / Partners

Networking Tables

  • Max of 9 attendees per table (designed to be smaller gathering spaces)
  • Everyone automatically has Presenter mode and can turn on audio/video
  • Hosts can join networking tables to make it go over the 9-person limitation

3.) Different Permissions, what can you do - Host, Speaker, Moderator

There are different permissions and levels to access a conference

a.) As a host

  • All members of the Chapter Team will automatically join the Conference as a Host
  • As a host you can moderate chat, join any session and promote anyone to be a Speaker with Presenter Mode
  • Access backstage
  • Access attendee information

b.) As a Speaker

  • In order to be a speaker, you need to be given "presentation mode" switch on, please ask a host to give you the permission
  • Please go to the "green room" to set things up and to test.

c.) As a Moderator

  • You'll typically be a host, or be added as a Moderator
  • You'll be able to delete messages in chat that are not appropriate
  • There is automated Profanity Filtering, however only for english
  • See here for more Moderation Tools

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