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This article explains more about the Q&A feature in Bevy Virtual

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How to enable Q&A

  1. Enter a Stage, Session, Networking Table, Booth, or Breakout Room (if conference) or enter Bevy Virtual and Breakout Room (if not a conference).
  2. Click on the Q&A link within chat bar
  3. If you are a host, you can enable Q&A by clicking on the blue Start Q&A button
Only hosts are able to enable Q&A

How to Disable Q&A

  1. Click on the blue Finish Q&A
Only hosts are able to disable Q&A

How to Ask a Question

  1. Type into the box
  2. Hit the Send (Arrow) button

How to Moderate

As a host or moderator, there are 3 options to deal with questions

  1. Dismiss
    1. This dismisses the question and hides it from all attendees
  2. Answer Live
    1. This is when the question is answered via the presenter live
    2. It date stamps the question and moves it to the Answers tab
  3. Reply
    1. The reply allows you to reply

How to reply to a question

  1. You may either Answer it Live or...
  2. Click reply button, and type in an answer and hit Send
  3. See below GIF to show the process

How to Upvote

You may upvote questions by clicking on the thumbs-up image (clicking it again, will remove your vote)

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