This article explains more about Sessions for Bevy Virtual Conference. looking for Bevy Virtual, go here.


You can create multiple sessions on the Stage and schedule them for specific times and days.

You can schedule Sessions throughout the conference 
Sessions are similar to Bevy Virtual (go here  for the differences  + here for  help articles
Max 500 attendees in Sessions (unlimited attendees on Main Stage)

There are 2 modes:

  1. Live Sessions
  2. Pre-Recorded Sessions

To create a Sessions (regardless of mode)

  1. Go to your Event in the dashboard
  2. Click on Agenda
  3. Click on Sessions
  4. Fill in the relevant details.

You can schedule Sessions throughout the conference.

Pre-Recorded Sessions

  • Unlike Booths, Pre-Recorded Sessions start at a specific time 
  • Pre-recorded sessions are auto-played at the start time you set in the agenda
  • Users won't be able to rewind, or fast forward. Once they are done, attendees can chat until the session end time.
YouTube links could be livestreamed YouTube videos

Live Sessions

Restrict Sessions Based on Ticket Type

  • You may restrict sessions to only attendees with specific ticket types. 
  • These sessions restricted to specific ticket types will only display to attendees with those types of tickets.

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