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Booths are a great place to showcase your Supporters, Sponsors, Partners etc.

There are 2 modes:

  1. Live Booths
  2. Pre-Recorded Booths

How Booths Work

  • Booths are visible the entire duration of the event

  • Booths and Networking tables do not display in the Agenda, they are available in the event from the top navigation bar. If you do not add a Booth or Networking table, the links will not display in the Navbar (You will only see the Agenda + Stage).

  • A booth either has a static image, or there's a video playing
    • The user enters booth and plays video on demand
    • You set this when creating the booth (see instructions below)
  • If you'd like to convert the booth to a live booth, you simply:
    • Enter the booth
    • Click "Start live booth" (you need host permissions to do this)
    • The booth will convert to a live booth
  • When ready, click "Stop live booth" and the booth will convert back to the video or image that you inserted when creating

Create your Booth

  1. Go to your event in the dashboard
  2. Clicking on Agenda
  3. Click on Booths 
  4. Fill in the relevant details.

To add a placeholder video from YouTube or image (1920x1080px jpg or png) to display in your booth. This can include a livestreamed YouTube video.

Sponsor vs Custom Booths

  1. Sponsor
    1. Will appear on Lobby & Event page
    2. Needs to be added when creating/editing the event (under the "edit" tab).
    3. If not added to event, will not show up when searching in Lobby
    4. Will automatically fill in details from sponsor added to the event, but details can be edited for the booth
  2. Custom 
    1. Will not appear on Lobby & Event page
    2. i.e. Can be used for delegations or partners

Both Sponsor and Custom booths:

  • Allow for Promotional CTA (Call to Action) Information 
  • Allow Video or Image upload
  • Allow to be converted into Live booth

Things to note regarding choosing "Sponsor"

  • If adding a Sponsor - please ensure to go to click on "Edit" -> "3. Sponsors & Partners" and ensure the sponsor is added there, before you can find it in Booths
  • Please see image below of where to go

Pre-Recorded Booths

The result will be a page that looks like this in your Booth

You can see the Promotional Text + Promotional Call-to-Action (CTA) text on the Button.
There will be a YouTube video playing in the booth

The Video starts as the user enters, and will play from the start.

Live Booths

  • Pre-recorded video will play when a booth isn't live
  • When a Host visits the booth, they will be able to click Start Live Booth
  • The booth will convert to a live session.
  • When the Booth Host stops the live booth, the pre-recorded video will be available to play.

The chat that's dedicated to the booth will be available the entire time throughout the conference.
Max of 50 people c

Re-order Booths

The order of your booths can be customized.

- Simply drag and drop the handle on the left.

- Ensure to save once completed re-ordering the Booths

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