This article explains more about Booths for Bevy Virtual Conference. Looking for Bevy Virtual, go here.

Booths are a great place to showcase your Supporters, Sponsors, Partners etc.

There are 2 modes:

  1. Live Booths
  2. Pre-Recorded Booths
Note: Booths and Networking tables do not display in the Agenda . They are available in the event from the top navigation bar if you add either.
Note: If you do not add a Booth or Networking table, nothing will display in the Navbar. You will simply see the Agenda + Stage.

To create your booth (regardless of mode)

  1. Go to your event in the dashboard
  2. Clicking on Agenda
  3. Click on Booths 
  4. Fill in the relevant details.

To add a placeholder video from YouTube or image (1920x1080px jpg or png) to display in your booth. This can include a Livestreamed YouTube video.

Pre-Recorded Booths

The result will be a page that looks like this in your Booth

You can see the Promotional Text + Promotional Call-to-Action (CTA) text on the Button.
There will be a YouTube video playing in the booth

The Video starts as the user enters, and will play from the start.

Live Booths

  • Pre-recorded video will play when a booth isn't live
  • When a Host visits the booth, they will be able to click Start Live Booth
  • The booth will convert to a live session.
  • When the Booth Host stops the live booth, the pre-recorded video will continue playing.

The chat that's dedicated to the booth, will be available the entire time throughout the conference.

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