Managing the Lobby

This article will outline the Lobby in a Bevy Virtual Conference. looking for Bevy Virtual, go here.

The Lobby is the entry point for all those who join your Bevy Virtual Conference. 

You may have one or not. If you don't fill out the details when creating your event, a lobby will not display and attendees will enter the event at the Agenda.

The Lobby supports:

  1. Logo/image - Max height 90px JPG or PNG
  2. Intro text/Welcome message - up to 100 characters
  3. YouTube Video - ensure you are not using shortened or appended YouTube links
  4. Sponsor/Partner logos that link to specific booths - these logos will display based on the logos that you've added in your event creation. They will display on a carousel.

The lobby is managed in Event creation. Locate it below the schedule in Step 1.

Attendees will see the Lobby view like this:

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