This article will outline how Networking tables work in Bevy Virtual Conferences. Looking for Bevy Virtual, go here.

Networking tables are great ways to engage your attendees in your virtual Conference. You may create as many tables as you want. These tables exist for the duration of the event and can be used in creative ways that are light, fun, and easy. All attendees join with present mode, meaning they get audio, video, and screen sharing access.

Attendees join networking tables to connect on topics they are interested about, birds of a feather discussions, and more. As a host, you create networking tables in advance in order to give attendees the ability to find tables they are interested in during the event.

Things to know:

  • Networking tables support anywhere between 2 and 50 attendees. 
    • Every attendee that joins a networking table will join with present mode on so that they have audio and video access. Attendees may also screenshare if they wish.
    • Hosts are able to exceed the set attendee capacity limit, unless the room is already at 50 attendees, in case they need to join a table for any reason.
  • Each Networking table has it's own dedicated chat. 
    • Each table can also be recorded if a host wishes.
  • Users can toggle off and on their camera or microphone as they wish. 
    • Some might just want to listen in and that's fine with us.
  • Changes
    • Any changes made to the Networking settings during a live event will affect only those who navigate away and back to networking after the changes were saved.
    • You can make updates while your event is taking place. This includes adding and removing tables or making edits to existing ones.
  • Note
    • Booths and Networking tables do not display in the Agenda. They are available in the event from the top navigation bar if you add either. 
    • If you do not add a Booth or Networking table, nothing will display in the Navbar. You will simply see the Agenda + Stage.

You can edit your Networking settings by editing the conference agenda.

Re-order Networking Tables

The order of your Networking tables can be customized.

- Simply drag and drop the handle on the left.

- Ensure to save once completed re-ordering the Networking Tables

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