Recommended Staffing List

This article will outline the roles and responsibilities you need to staff when hosting a conference with Bevy Virtual Conference. looking for Bevy Virtual, go here.

Below is a list of the recommended roles and responsibilities you need to staff to put on a successful virtual conference event. For events with over 500 attendees or multi-day events, it is recommended to have extra staff to assist with the below roles. We understand that every conference is unique so work with your Customer Success Manager on staffing needs specific to your event.

Event Manager: oversees the entire event and is the main contact for Bevy 

  • Liaison between staff, closed captioners (if applicable), events production company (if applicable) and Bevy team 
  • Schedule Tech Checks for Speakers 
  • Schedule Dress Rehearsals for staff and Bevy Staff 
  • Be in the speaker lounge or backstage during the event 
  • Manage the run of show

Main Stage Emcee: the face of the event between attendees and your company 

  • Responsible for broadcasting the event 
  • Welcome attendees to the event 
  • Introduce main stage speakers 
  • Enable speaker presenter mode to allow them on A/V 
  • Confirm that the speaker’s slides are working properly before leaving the stage (present mode off) 
  • Remove presenter mode from speakers who are done with their presentation
  • Share slides during breaks, if applicable 

Backstage Manager: remain in the backstage during the entire event 

  • Welcome speakers to the backstage at least 5 minutes before their presentation
  • Help manage the time for each speaker and work with the emcee to keep speakers on track
  • Confirm A/V and screen share is working for speakers
  • Share slides during break, if applicable

Speaker/Sponsor/Staff Lounge Manager: remain in the lounge the entire event 

  • Speakers will be directed to report to the Speaker lounge upon entering the event, welcome speakers
  • Conduct tech checks and ensure A/V and screen share is working correctly 
  • If A/V isn’t working, walk through the troubleshooting steps with presenters 
  • Send the backstage link to main stage speakers, 5 minutes before their presentation 
  • For the main stage, brief speakers on what they should expect in the backstage 
  • For breakout session speakers, let them know their event will be accessible through the agenda. They will see a join button when their session starts. There will be someone on staff waiting for them when they join.

Session Leaders: the main point of contact in the applicable session

  • Enable presenter mode for sessions speakers 
  • Record the session 
  • Confirm their A/V and screen share is working properly for presenters 
  • Make sure the presentation stays on track for the allotted time 
  • Answer session chat questions from attendees 
  • It is recommended to have one Session Leader per session 

Chat Moderator: review all chats and enable participants from attendees 

  • Encourage attendees to use the chat throughout the conference 
  • Answer any questions not related to the functionality of the Bevy tool 
  • Promote usage of the booth and networking tables 
  • Promote any other initiatives such as swag, partner discounts, resources etc 
  • Delete any chats that do not uphold your code of conduct
  • Disable chat functionality for repeat offenders 
  • It is recommended to have one chat moderator per every 500 attendees
  • Share boilerplate templates for answering common attendee questions like:
    • Will there be recording? 
    • Where can I learn more? 
    • How do I access the speakers slides after the fact? 
    • When does XYZ session take place? 
    • How can I access a session that I missed? 

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