This article will outline how to troubleshoot issues you might be experiencing. This article applies to both Bevy Virtual as well as Bevy Virtual Conference (Click here to see the differences)

We recommend you use Google Chrome. Safari, Firefox and Edge are supported as well but Chrome seems to perform best.

Which Browser To Use

In order of preference, here are the best Browsers to be on when using Bevy Virtual or Bevy Virtual Conference


You are a speaker or sharing Video and Audio


You are taking part as an attendee and watching the session

  • Recommended: None
    • We do not recommend presenting in mobile browsers
  • iOS: Safari (tentative, depending on your setup, very often not)
  • Android: Chrome (Yes, but not a reliable experience)


  • iOS: Safari
  • Android: Chrome
  • Recommended: Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari 
  • Recommended: Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari

Pre Call Test

If you're having connectivity, software, or hardware issues, you can run a pre-call test here:

If you see all green results, please follow the below basic troubleshooting steps. 

Audio troubleshooting

  • If you are not able to hear the session, try refreshing the window. 
  • If you still cannot hear the session, ensure you are using Chrome, click on the lock icon in the left of the URL bar, and ensure the Sound is coming out of the correct speaker.
  • You might also check to ensure you haven't muted the tab.

👆🏼 The above image applies for VIDEO issues as well - If you camera is not set to allowed, it won't work on the platform

Video troubleshooting

  • Ensure the correct camera is chosen if you click the carrot icon besides the Camera icon

  • Ensure that you are NOT using a virtual background app/extension like Snap Camera or Mmhmm.
  • Disable your browser extensions.
  • If you are still experiencing poor video quality, it is likely a result of poor internet connection. Bevy Virtual automatically scales up and down per user depending on the local internet connection. If you have a poor connection, the platform may turn off others' video for your view, or turn off your video for others so they will not see you to preserve bandwidth for a strong audio connection.

Screen sharing/MacOS Permissions

  • If you're having trouble sharing your screen in Presenter Mode, you may need to tweak settings on a Mac computer. This is common for those that are using Bevy Virtual for the first time on a Mac computer.
    1. Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen
    2. Select System Preferences
    3. Locate Security and Privacy
    4. Toggle the Privacy tab
    5. Scroll down to "Screen Recording" - enable this for your browser - Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
    6. Quit your browser and reopen the session. You should then be able to screen share.
  • If you are playing a video with sound through screenshare, ensure you are not using headphones. The audio will come from the microphone detecting sound out of your computer speakers. 

Viewing the session

  • If you are having trouble viewing the session or participating in chat, refresh your browser window and re-enter the session. 
  • Bevy Virtual is an in-browser web application; this makes events more accessible and does not require any software download. As a result, browser performance will affect your experience on Bevy Virtual. To maximize the experience, try to keep minimal tabs running, and minimal application windows running on your machine while you are attending a Bevy Virtual session. 

Changing your Name or Profile Picture

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