Broadcasting to the Stage

This article will explain the Backstage and how to Broadcast from the Backstage to the Main Stage in a Bevy Virtual Conference. Looking for Bevy Virtual, go here.

Looking to livestream to Facebook, Youtube, and other platforms? - please see this article

The Backstage is where Speakers and Presenters will remain during their presentations, and from where they will broadcast to the Main Stage. The backstage is essentially the place that you push live to the Stage when you're ready.

Accessing the Backstage

In order to enter the Backstage, Speakers/Presenters will be given a special URL generated by one of the Hosts of the event. They can always use this link to get back to the Backstage if they leave for any reason. 

Hosts can find this URL in the Agenda tab of the event creation. 

Backstage chat

As a Backstage participant, you will see a tab in between the General chat and your DMs called Backstage. This is essentially a group chat for those in the Backstage, and can be used throughout the event. 

Broadcasting to the Main Stage 

From the Backstage, any Presenter is able to broadcast to the Main Stage. This could be the Speaker, Emcee, or any other Presenter role in your event. 

Click on the Broadcast icon in the bottom menu bar. 

If you wish to livestream to the Main Stage, see this section below

In order to gain audio/video and screenshare capabilities, please ensure you have Presenter Mode enabled. If you don’t see the option to use Presenter Mode, ask a Host in the Backstage chat! 

Leaving the Backstage  

If you click away from the Backstage into any other session, you will need the direct link to the Backstage in order to re-enter.


The stage itself is auto-recorded however as a backup you may record the backstage so that you have a duplicate file of the Stage content.

Live Streaming to the Main Stage

You are able to livestream to the mainstage from 3rd Party software.

  1. Navigate to the Bevy Virtual Conference Event
  2. Select the Agenda tab
  3. Select the Stage sub-tab
  4. You will see the RTMPS Server URL details, as well as the RTMPS Stream Key details
Note: Should you have an error live-streaming to the main stage using RTMPS, you may try to use the following RTMP Server URL:  rtmp://  In general, we don't support 4k output, so if you choose to set your own encoder, you should configure it per this doc:

Note: if you looking to Livestream FROM the main stage - please see this article

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