How to create a test event in Bevy Virtual

This article will outline how to run a test Bevy Virtual event, and keep it hidden. looking for Bevy Virtual Conference, please go here

Testing a Bevy Virtual event can be helpful to visualize the attendee experience ahead of time. Start by creating an event in any chapter. 

Completing the following two actions will ensure that your event will be suitable for testing:

  1. Hide your event. This will hide the event from your chapter page, and will prevent any email announcements, including automated emails, from being sent out to your community. Click here to learn more about Hidden Events
    1. Check This is a Hidden Event in the event creation. By doing this, Social Sharing is disabled and Automated Emails are blocked from sending. 
  2. Set the event start time to the current time. Under the Schedule & Agenda section, change the start time so that it reflects your current time and time zone, allowing you to access the event right away.
  3. Visit the event page, register yourself, and then click the join button in the banner to start the Bevy Virtual session. You can send your event link to anyone helping you run a test event!
  4. Test out Breakout Rooms, Screensharing, and all the other exciting features in Bevy Virtual.

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