Breakout Rooms

  • This article will outline how to create and join breakout rooms during your Bevy Virtual event. 
  • This article applies to both Bevy Virtual as well as Bevy Virtual Conference (Click here to see the differences)

Creating a Breakout Room 

Hosts have the ability to create breakout rooms from the Rooms tab in the right sidebar. You can do this as soon as you have 2 or more non host attendees.

  1. Select the Number of attendees per room. The number of total breakout rooms will be calculated automatically. We limit the number of attendees in each room to 9, with the exception of Hosts who are free to join/leave any room.
  2. e.g. if your event has 54 attendees and you select 9 attendees per room, Bevy Virtual  will automatically create 6 rooms. We also ensure that there’s never a single attendee left alone so that may mean a room would have a 10th attendee rather than there being a single room with 1 attendee.
  3. You have the option to set a time limit on the breakout room sessions after which all attendees will return to the event. To do so, check the Time limit box and input your preferred duration in minutes. 
  4. Click Create Rooms. Hosts will remain in the main session but have the ability to enter and exit any of the breakout rooms. 
  5. Note: If attendees join the event after the Breakout Rooms have been created, they will not be able to join any Rooms. In this scenario, close all the Rooms and recreate the Breakout Rooms with all attendees.

All attendees will see a dialog box informing them that they will be moved into a breakout room in 10 seconds.

As a host, once the breakout rooms start, you will see a countdown at the top of the page indicating when the breakout rooms will be closed according to the time limit set.

Joining Breakout Rooms as a Host

After creating the Breakout Rooms, Hosts will see a list of all the rooms that were created and the attendees in each room. By clicking the arrow besides the Room, Hosts get the option to Join the room or Close the room.

Recording a Breakout Room 

Only Hosts are able to record individual breakout rooms. Learn more about Recording in Bevy Virtual here.

Ending Breakout Rooms 

Hosts can close a breakout room at any time, even before the time limit expires if one was set. 

If the time limit is about to be reached, attendees will see a modal informing them that the room will be closed in 3 minutes.

Once the Breakout Room is closed, all attendees that were in that room will return to the main session. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When creating Breakout Rooms, are attendees randomly assigned to each room or is this process done alphabetically or otherwise?
    1. The users are assigned randomly
  2. Is it possible for me to manually assign attendees to certain rooms before the rooms are created?
    1. Unfortunately not at this current time
  3. Is it possible for me to manually move attendees to and from certain rooms after the rooms have been created?
    1. Unfortunately not at this current time
  4. If attendees join a virtual event late, am I able to move them to an ongoing Breakout Room?
    1. No, you will need to to end all breakouts and start again
  5. If my event has 3 Hosts and I create 3 Breakout Rooms, is there any way of ensuring that 1 Host will be allocated to each room?
    1. Hosts can be manually allocated themselves to rooms - see above help article
  6. When a collection of Breakout Rooms reach their time limit and close, is there any way of ensuring that subsequent Breakout Rooms will not match attendees with the same group of people in order to accomodate a round robin networking format?
    1. It is re-randomized, however, it's not a guarantee that it'll be different. However, by changing the number of people in a room (i.e. from 2-3 to 3-4) for the second round, they should be randomised and as such have different people in the room.

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