Use Bevy Virtual as a Host

The Host role enables users to be an admin of the virtual event. They can mute/remove attendees, toggle presenter mode on/off which grants audio/video/screen sharing access to other attendees, block chat, etc. By default, chapter team members automatically join the event as Hosts.

Adding other Hosts

As a host, you can provision Host access to others during the event. Anyone who is provisioned Host access during the event only gets Host controls temporarily for that session. If they move to a Networking Table, Booth, or another area in a Conference event or if they join a new non conference Bevy Virtual event, they will not maintain their Host access.

Enabling Presenter Mode

As a default setting, no attendee, including hosts, have audio/video controls upon entering the room. Hosts of the event are prompted upon joining the event to enable presenter mode to access audio/video and screenshare controls.

As a Host, once you click Enable, you will see your audio, video, and screen share controls. 

Hosts may enable presenter mode for any attendee that needs audio, video, and screen sharing controls. This can be done by clicking on the drop down arrow next to their name in the attendee list and choosing Presenter mode on.

Once an attendee is given presenter mode, they will see a modal asking them to accept this access. They'll also see browser checks asking them for permission to access their camera and microphone. 

Once a speaker is done with their session, you will want to turn their presenter mode off so they don't remain in the video grid. 

Muting / Unmuting all Attendees

To mute all attendees, click on the Attendees icon on the top right corner of the screen to open the Attendee list. Click Mute all attendees.  

Moderating the Chat & Removing Attendees

As a host, you have the ability to:

  1. Delete an attendee's message: This is done in the same way you would delete your own message 
  2. Block an attendee from chat: This will prevent the attendee from further messaging in the chat
  3. Permanently remove an attendee from the event: This will remove the attendee from the event, preventing them from rejoining

You can access all three of these functions by hovering over the attendee's message and clicking the dropdown arrow. 

View List of Check-ins

Anyone that attends the event will be auto-checked in. For more information on event Check-in, read this article on Checking in Attendees.To access the list of those who were checked in, follow the steps outlined in this article: Exporting attendee list

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