Screensharing in Bevy Virtual

This article explains best practices for screensharing in Bevy Virtual and how to get the most out of your screenshare experience. 

Sharing your screen

  1. Click the Share screen button in the bottom menu bar. Don't see this option? You may not have Presenter Mode enabled. Make sure to allow your browser to access your microphone and camera as well. 

  2. In the modal that appears on Google Chrome, choose which parts of your screen you would like to share:
    1. Your Entire Screen: This will allow you to share all windows and apps that are open on your machine
    2. Application Window: This will allow you to choose between the windows you have open on your machine
    3. Chrome tab: If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you will get the option to only share a specific tab
    4. Click Share to start sharing your screen
  3. Note: If you are using Safari, you will only get 1 modal to allow Bevy Virtual to share the whole screen.
  4. Click Stop Sharing to end your screen share 

Note: Only one person can screen share at one time. 

Screenshare experience for attendees

When a presenter is sharing the screen, their screen will take up the Bevy Virtual window and the presenter will appear as a thumbnail in the top right corner. 

When no one is speaking, the thumbnail will display the person who is sharing their screen. It will change in real time to show the person speaking.

How does screensharing appear in my event recording?

In the recording, screenshare will appear as a picture in picture view. Read more about recording on Bevy Virtual here

Best practices for screensharing on Bevy Virtual

  • When recording your event, be sure to start recording before you begin screensharing to ensure the entire presentation is captured!
  • Make sure your presenters have Presenter Mode enabled before their presentation begins, in order to ensure they are able to share their screen. Read more about the Presenter Mode here
  • It's always good to leave a buffer at the beginning and end of your recording so make sure you wait a few seconds before starting your talk or stopping the recording.

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