Moderation controls in Bevy Virtual

This article covers all the moderation tools and control available to Hosts in Bevy Virtual.

You must be a Host to access the moderation controls in Bevy Virtual. Chapter leadership has Host permissions by default, and they can promote other participants to Host. For more information about this, read Use Bevy Virtual

Adding other Hosts

As a Host, you can provision Host access to others during the event. Anyone who is provisioned Host access during the event only gets Host controls temporarily for that session. If they move to a Networking Table, Booth, or another area in a Conference event or if they join a new non conference Bevy Virtual event, they will not maintain their Host access.

Muting / Unmuting all Attendees

To mute all attendees, click the Mute icon besides All Attendees in the right sidebar.


There are several options to moderate chat for your Bevy Virtual event. 

  1. To delete a single message, click the arrow on the chat message you wish to delete, and click Delete Message.
    • Unless it's your own, the attendee will see a modal informing them that their chat was deleted. 

  2. To block an attendee from chatting, click Block Chat from the arrow besides the attendee's chat message. This attendee will be blocked from chatting for 24 hours. You'll see this message: 
  3. As an attendee, you have the ability to report another attendee's message in chat for violating the code of conduct. Just click the dropdown arrow next to the message and click Report Message

Remove an attendee from the event

Click the arrow besides the attendee's name in the Attendee List and select Permanently remove from event to ban the attendee from your event.

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