• This article covers all the Chat, DM (Direct Messaging) and Moderation tools and control available to Hosts
  • This article applies to both Bevy Virtual as well as Bevy Virtual Conference (Click here to see the differences)

You must be a Host to access the moderation controls in Bevy Virtual. Chapter team members have Host permissions by default, and they can promote other participants to Host. For more information about this, read Use Bevy Virtual.

Adding other Hosts

As a Host, you can provision Host Access to others during the event.


Muting all Attendees with Presenter Mode

To mute all attendees who have Presenter mode enabled, click the Mute icon besides All Attendees in the right sidebar.

Remove an attendee from the event

  1. Go to Attendee List
  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the attendee's name 
  3. Select Permanently remove from event to ban the attendee from your event.

Delete a Chat

To delete a single message, click the arrow on the chat message you wish to delete, and click Delete Message. Hosts may delete other messages including their own. Attendees can only delete their own.

Unless it's your own, the attendee will see a modal informing them that their chat was deleted.

Block Chat

As a host, you can block an attendee from chatting:

  1. In Chat, select drop down icon next to the message
  2. Click Block Chat
  3. The attendee will be blocked from chatting for 24 hours.

Report Messages

Attendees have the ability to report to hosts another attendee's message in chat for violating the code of conduct. 

  • Just click the dropdown arrow next to the message and click Report Message
  • Reporting is only availabe to attendees
  • Hosts do not report, as they are able to either delete or ban a user

Host Moderation Tools

As a host you will see a flagged message denoted with a Yellow background and take the following steps

  • Send a DM to the user
  • Unflag the message to say it's safe
  • Delete the message
  • Block the chat
    • If you block the chat, the user will not be able to chat in any community event for the next 24 hours

For either Deleting, Unflagging or Blocking a chat, as a host, you will need to confirm the action before it takes place.

Profanity filtering

We have automated filtering for typical profanity in English.

  • Should attendee submit a message with inappropriate words in it, the system will immediately delete it.
  • Should a user report a message - see "Host Moderation Tools" above.

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