Create a conference agenda

This article will outline how to create an agenda for Bevy Virtual Conference, looking for Bevy Virtual, go here.

  1. Start by creating a new event in your chapter using the Virtual event type with the conference agenda enabled
  2. Fill out your event details and click Publish
Note: Input the date and time your conference begins and the date and time at which it ends under the Schedule tab in event creation. Also, make sure to  Save Agenda at each step!
Build in breaks between segments on the stage. The agenda in the dashboard displays in the event's timezone (as set in the Edit tab).

3. Click on the Agenda tab at the top of the page to view your sessions per event day


  • Insert Stage Sessions on the different days as needed. You can also add a description and associate speakers with each session added. 


You can schedule Sessions throughout the conference
Sessions are similar to Bevy Virtual (go here for the differences + here for help articles)
Max 500 attendees in Sessions (unlimited attendees on Main Stage)

Booths and Networking

  • Go here for Booths
  • Go here for Networking
- Booths and Networking tables exist for the duration of your event. So, you don’t have to schedule these, they will just persist for the entire event. 
- Booths and Networking tables do not display in the Agenda. They are available in the event from the top navigation bar if you add either. 
- If you do not add a Booth or Networking table, nothing will display in the navigation bar. You will simply see the Agenda + Stage.

Speaker and Sponsors

Before you can add Speakers and Sponsors/Partners in Agenda, you need to go to Edit and add them in the People or Sponsors & Partners section.

How does this display in my Conference?

  • Live segments will display at the top and include a Join button for attendees to access from the agenda. Segments on the agenda are available to join starting 15 min before the set time on the agenda.
  • Past segments are nested under a filter in case you want to refer back, but we clear them out of the default view so you can always access what's happening now.

Broadcast to the Stage

If you wish to Livestream or Broadcast to your Stage, please see this article.

Broadcast from the Stage

You are able to Livestream from your stage, please see this article.

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