System Emails

This article will explain what system emails are used for and how to configure them.

System Emails

System Emails are templated and created by Bevy. The copy can be edited in the Admin Dashboard.

System emails are considered transactional emails, not marketing emails. Event registrants will receive these emails regardless of whether they are a chapter member and/or subscribed. 

System emails are triggered when a specific action occurs and cannot be turned off within the system.This way you can ensure that all registered event guests receive important information, like a ticket confirmation. However, if the trigger is not in use the emails will not send. For example, if you don’t use sponsor invoicing or the blog on Bevy, those emails will not send.

As Admins/HQ, if you want to receive System Emails (e.g. Event Published), email us at

Configuring System Emails

To configure System Emails, follow the steps below:

  1. Select Emails from the left sidebar of the Admin Dashboard
  2. Select the tab for System Emails
  3. Click on any System Email you’d like to configure. The copy and structure of the email can be edited from this page.  
  4. If you make changes to the copy, scroll to the bottom of the email and click the checkbox for System Email Enabled
  5. Click Save and OK in the confirmation modal
 Note: System emails will send regardless of whether System Email Enabled is checked or not. This ensures vital information is sent to your community. If you make edits to the system emails, make sure you check the box and save. 

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