Record in Bevy Virtual

This article will outline how to record an event as well as view and/or delete the recording afterwards. 

Upon joining an event, all attendees will see a disclaimer regarding event recording at the bottom of the screen.  

How to Record an Event

In order to start recording, simply join an event and click the Start recording button at the bottom of the screen. All attendees will see an indicator light at the top left corner of the screen along with “Recording”, indicating that the session is actively being recorded.

Note: Only hosts can record an event.  

When you are finished recording the session, click Stop Recording.

Note: You can record multiple clips in the same session. Each time you click Stop recording a clip is completed. Click Start recording to initiate a new clip.

How to View a Recording

Once your event is over, you can find the clips you recorded in the Wrap Up tab. 

These files will be available for download at any time. Just click the download icon next to the recording to download.

Note: Recordings are mp4 files in 720p resolution. Recording files will be broken up if your event goes longer than 2 hours.

How to Delete a Recording 

In order to delete a recording, simply click on the X next to the recording you wish to delete. Then click Delete.

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