Edit Text in Cookie Banner

This article will outline how to edit the text that is displayed in your Homepage Cookie Banner.

The text in the Cookie Banner can be edited from the Admin Dashboard.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to the Privacy section
  3. In the text box next to Cookie Acknowledgement Text, you can input or change the text to your desired message
  4. Click Save Settings

 Note: You may use HTML to hyperlink specific words in your text. For example:  

“You can learn more about how Bevy uses cookies here.” 

is achieved by writing the text as: 

You can learn more about how Bevy uses cookies <a href="https://www.bevy.com/privacy-policy/">here</a>. 

using this format: 

Some text <a href=”URL”>the word(s) you want hyperlinked</a>

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