Bevy Chapter Structure

Bevy Chapter Structure & Definition

This 1-pager is intended to describe how Bevy defines Chapters and how we intend chapter structure to be used in the product. Feel free to use Bevy how it works for you, this is a guide!

What is an Event?

An event in Bevy is a one-time occasion that is in-person or virtual, that takes place within a chapter and is catering to a specific group of attendees that are in that chapter. You can offer different types of tickets/registration in order to group the attendees in various ways. You can also make your event a recurring series if it is regularly occurring!

What is a Chapter?

A chapter in Bevy is defined as an independent group with a specific location. Events held within this chapter are organized by the team members for that chapter. You can have virtual chapters, but they will be tied to a specific geographical location because time zones are still important for virtual events. 

What is a Region?

A region in Bevy is defined as the larger geographic region within which several chapters may exist. Most commonly, our customers use regions to designate different continents and time zones, but you can use regions for any sort of chapter segmentation. Regions will display on the homepage. Bevy also offers region specific event analytics.  You can edit, add or remove regions in Bevy here.

Here are some examples of possible region layouts:

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