Email Overview

There are several different types of emails that Bevy can send on your behalf. We understand that communicating with your members if of utmost importance. These articles will provide information on: 
  • Types of emails that can be sent through Bevy
  • What is customizable and how to configure it
  • The audience for the various emails and how email subscriptions work

Types of Emails Sent: 

  • Newsletters - These are emails sent by local organizers on an as-needed basis
  • System Emails- These emails are templated and created by Bevy as built-in, transactional emails and only trigger when the specific action occurs
  • Automated Emails - These are emails sent across all chapters and events and are set by HQ/Admins who edit the copy & triggers by which the emails send (the emails cannot be edited on a case-by-case basis)
Note: Users subscribe to a chapter's updates via the chapter page clicking the join button (under the header image) OR by opting in when they RSVP to that chapter's events.

How to Monitor Emails Being Sent: 

  • Every chapter includes a list of all the emails being sent out on behalf of that chapter with stats such as deliveries, open, unsubs, etc. 
  • At the Admin Dashboard level, you may see all the sent email in a list along with all the analytics aggregated
1. Bevy does not send your users any marketing or promotional emails on behalf of Bevy or your company.
2. Users can opt-out of Newsletter and Automated emails if they do not wish to receive any from Bevy. 
3. All 3 types of emails can be formatted. Text can be changed and rearranged whenever you wish. Click into the specific articles for information and instructions.

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