Bevy Dictionary

This article outlines terms that are used in Bevy that may need further explanation to understand

Attendees: Number of people who have a ticket to an event (registered) in the selected time range

  • Unique Attendees: Unique ticket holders for the selected time range
  • Manual Attendees: Number of people who came to an event without a ticket and were manually added at check-in. They are not included in the unique counts because manual attendees aren’t associated with an account.

Chapter: An independent group with a specific location.

Chapter Member: A user who joins a chapter and receives newsletters, announcements, and attends events

Chapter Status: Indicates whether or not your Chapter is live and counted towards analytics

  • Active: Ensures your chapter is a live chapter 
  • Inactive: Ensures only you and other logged in team members can view the page

Read the Chapter Creation and Set Up article to learn more about changing your Chapter's status.

Chapter Team: A set of users who manage a chapter - organizer, check-in staff, etc.

Chapter Team Permissions

  • Administrator: This is a Chapter Leader or HQ Administrator
  • Inactive: This user is inactive/banned and will not be able to login or sign up for an account
  • Prospective User: This user does not have an active account yet
  • User: This user has standard permissions on the site

Check-in: Number of people who have attended an event in the selected time range

This is manually tracked for an IRL event but automatically tracked for any virtual event, including those hosted using a Zoom integration or Bevy Virtual.

Read this article on Checking in Attendees to learn about manual check-ins or Create an Event with Zoom to learn about auto check-ins for virtual events.  

Dashboard: The organizer/admin view of your community/events platform.

Event:  A one-time occasion that is in-person or virtual, that takes place within a chapter and is catering to a specific group of attendees that are in that chapter.

User: Standard person who signs up for an account on your community site.

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