Blog Frequently Asked Questions

This article will address some Frequently asked questions about Bevy’s blog feature.

Who can write and edit blogposts? 

As Admin/HQ, you can decide who has access to write and edit blogs. Once you’ve decided who from your team you’d like to be able to write or edit blogs, send an email with this information to your Customer Success Manager at They will be able to enable permissions for your team.

Can we get an RSS feed URL from Bevy for the blog and/or for the event listings?

We allow an RSS feed URL for the event listings. It would first require the building of the RSS (widget or otherwise) from your side. Then you can connect it via Bevy’s Event Webhook. This can be turned on through the admin dashboard.

In the Admin Dashboard > Settings > General all the way at the bottom you will find the section for Webhooks

How is the Bevy blog optimized for search engine and keyword visibility? Are there any best practices for optimizing blog content on Bevy for SEO?

Bevy does not optimize anything for the blog, but as an HQ Admin you can edit the Metadata on blog posts to add keywords.  To do this: 

  1. Access your instance URL /admin
  2. Go to Blog Posts under Content 

   3. At the bottom of the blog there is a Metadata section

a. Add Keywords 

For more information about creating, reviewing and publishing a blog post, see this help article.

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