What are those red and green dashes in the dashboard?

This article will outline how to understand the colored dashes under Chapter Titles from the Bevy dashboard.

Each Chapter will have red, green, and/or grey dashes under the Chapter Title. Those dashes indicate the activity or inactivity of a chapter in the given month. 

Red: no events

Green: one or many events

Grey: chapter did not exist

Furthermore, looking at each dash from the left: 

Dash 1: events held 2 months ago

Dash 2: events held 1 month ago

Dash 3: events held in the present month

Dash 4: upcoming events next month

Dash 5: upcoming events in 2

For example, the Gotham City chapter held one or many events 2 months ago, 1 month ago, and this month as well. However, they have no upcoming events next month or 2 months from now.

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