Understand the Member Dashboard

This article will help define the different sections of the chapter member dashboard.

Chapter admins can choose to view a chapter member’s profile information. This is accessible from the Chapter Dashboard. Here you can find sections titled Personal Information, Memberships & Subscriptions, and Events.

Personal Information

This section will display the user’s information that they filled out when creating an account: Name, Country, Timezone, Company Name, Industry, Email, City, Member Since, Title, and Role. Here you can find any social accounts linked to their account as well. 

Memberships & Subscriptions 

Under this section you can view any other chapters the selected user is a member of and subscribed. 


This section is where you can find event analytics for a member. The fields are based off of the events the member has attended and is split into different charts: Events & Ticket Types. You can also find a list of all past events the member purchased a ticket for. 

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