Add reCAPTCHA to forms

This article will walk you through how to prevent form spam using Google's reCAPTCHA widget.

Register your Site with Google

  1. Fill out this form as the first step 
  2. Make sure to select "reCAPTCHA v2" under reCAPTCHA Type, and tick the I'm not a robot checkbox after that
  3. Enter your site URL (Example: under Domains, and accept the reCAPTCHA Terms of Service
  4. Once you have your Secret Key and Site Key, enter them in the corresponding fields located under Settings > Recaptcha in the Admin Dashboard as shown below:
  5. There is a checkbox option to require reCAPTCHA for the users to contact the chapter host  from chapter pages

Add reCAPTCHA Field to your Form

  1. Once that's done, navigate to Mezzanine by adding "/admin" to the end of your community URL (Example:
  2. Navigate to the page with your form in it and click to edit
  3. In the "Fields" section, add a field to your form with "Are you a robot?" as the label, and "ReCaptcha" as the type as shown below
  4. Click Save

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