Delete a User

This article explains how to delete users in Bevy. 

Deleting Users

Manage users from the admin dashboard by following the steps below: 

  1. Click on Member tab 
  2. Search by email address to locate specific user 
    1. Click on this user to expand their profile
  3. Click Delete Account 
  4. Enter password to confirm deletion
Note: The user is not immediately deleted after this action. The deletion process takes 7 days to complete. This is so if user deletion was a mistake, Admins have the ability to cancel deletion at any point within the 7 days. If you need to change this time to deletion, you may reach out to for assistance.

To Cancel a User Deletion:

  1. Search for the user in the Member tab of the Admin Dashboard
  2. Scroll to bottom of the user’s profile and click Cancel Deletion
    1. This will revert the deletion process and the user account will remain
  3. Confirm Cancellation 

Deleting your own account

You may delete your own account. The steps are as follows:

  1. Click on avatar in top right corner and select Settings & Profile from the dropdown menu

  2. Click Delete Account and enter user password to confirm
Note: Upon deletion, account data will be stored for 7 days in case user wishes to reactivate their account.

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