Virtual Event Links

This article will outline how to manage your virtual event links in Bevy.

Note: When creating virtual events, make sure you have selected an event type that supports virtual events. 

When creating or editing your event you will paste your virtual event link in the Virtual event URL field under Location. You can then add any webinar instructions in the Instructions (optional) field below.  Learn how to create a new event in Bevy.

When managing virtual events links there a few things to stay aware of:

  1. All external-facing links, including emails, are a permalink instead of the virtual event URL. This ensures you never have to worry about updating attendees with a new link, even if it changes. In other words, attendees will always be redirected to the latest virtual event URL
  2. You do not need a virtual event link to publish the event. You can come back later to update the link when ready. Until then, we’ll share a simple message for attendees who have registered 

  3. After registering your Attendees will see: 

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