Virtual Event Type

This article explains how to create a Bevy Virtual event - looking for Bevy Virtual Conference, please go here

A dedicated virtual event type

It is now possible to create virtual event types that include URLs and description fields rather than a physical venue address. Learn how to create a new event type for your community.

You’ll need to set this up before your local organizers can create events with it. Reach out to if you have any questions.

Virtual event creation and registration

Allow your attendees to register for the virtual event on Bevy, capture registration form details using the pre-order form, and easily send automated emails. Only after registering will attendees have access to the virtual event link. Learn how to create a new event in Bevy.

Note: We’re actively working on updating events to allow for changing event types once live. But, today, once an event is live, you can't change the event type. If you have already live events you need to switch to virtual, email us at and we can help you transition them.

Enter virtual event link and description in event creation/editing:

Learn more about the virtual event URL and how Bevy manages link updates.

Before registering, attendees see:

If you publish the event without a virtual event URL, attendees will see:

We allow you to publish virtual events before you have your event link. You can come back later to update the link when ready. Until then, we’ll share a simple message for attendees who have registered.

After registering, attendees will see:

My Tickets profile page includes virtual link

Automated Emails include virtual link

Both the new event published and ticket confirmation email will include the meeting link and exclude the ticket PDF attachment.

Confirmation on event page after registration

Link included in Automated Emails

Calendar invite includes virtual link 

If you choose to add the event to your calendar (Bevy supports iCal, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and Outlook), the virtual event URL will be included in the event description.

Create a public page announcement

Share a sitewide announcement using marketing promo functionality for all public facing Bevy pages. Learn how to create a marketing promo in Bevy

Additional updates

View all canceled events in event list

You can now view all of a chapter’s canceled events in a list next to live, draft, and completed.

Canceled or rescheduled event automated emails

Seamlessly update your attendees when an in-person or virtual event is canceled, has a date/time change, or the venue is updated. We’ve loaded in both the canceled and rescheduled event automated email templates into your instance. 

If you’d like to enable them, you can visit the admin dashboard automated emails section or reach out to for assistance. 

Bevy’s Virtual Events Playbook

In addition to the features listed above, our team has published a Guide to Virtual Events on Bevy. This guide is intended to walk you though, step-by-step, setting up virtual events in Bevy as well as guidance related to managing your community at this time.

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