Link an existing Bevy chapter to a Meetup group

Please follow these steps to configure the Meetup integration in Bevy only if you are trying to link a Bevy chapter to a Meetup group manually. If this doesn't sound like you, please find the appropriate Meetup integration article here.

We automatically link existing Meetup groups to Bevy chapters if they were linked before and/or if they are in the pro network you connected above.

The instructions below can be used for Groups that don’t automatically sync up.

  1. Search for the chapter you wish to configure in the left sidebar of the dashboard
  2. Select Settings in the left sidebar of the Chapter Dashboard
  3. Scroll to the Meetup section at the bottom
  4. Select Link an existing Group and locate the existing group from your Pro Network
  5. Click Save Chapter

Note: We have a custom permission set to grant access to the integrations tab from chapter settings. By default no chapter/group roles have this permission. Only Admins/HQ will have access to the tab, but we can include that permission to chapter/group roles, if needed.

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