If you're already using Bevy and Meetup

Please follow these steps to configure the Meetup integration in Bevy only if you are already using Bevy and Meetup Pro. If this doesn't sound like you, please find the appropriate Meetup integration article here.

  1. You should be set up on Meetup Pro. If not, sign up for Meetup.com/pro or Bevy can introduce you to Meetup.com to get set up.
  2. Note: Meetup Pro is required in order to leverage the integration.
  3. Visit Settings from the left sidebar of the Admin Dashboard, and click the Integrations tab
  4. Click Meetup
  5. Click Connect Meetup while signed in to your Meetup.com Pro Network
  6. You will be redirected to Meetup.com and see this screen:
  7. Once you click Allow, you are redirected to Bevy, where you need paste your Pro Network URL string. 
  8. e.g. “cmxconnect” from Meetup.com/pro/cmxconnect
  9. Click Save
  10. Publish events to Meetup.com from Bevy automatically

    Visit General Admin settings and scroll down to the MEETUP section. From there, check the box to Enable event creation to enable the integration to automatically cross-post events from Bevy chapters to Meetup.com. 

    Open RSVPs on Meetup.com

    Visit General Admin settings and scroll down to the MEETUP section. Locate the checkbox to ensure RSVP’s are open. Then, republish all your live events on Bevy to open up RSVPs on the respective Meetup events.

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