Viewing form responses

This article includes information about viewing form responses based on permissions. Forms reference both a pre-order, post-event, and post-event team. Learn how to manage Forms in Bevy here.

Viewing responses & permissions

Admins can view the form responses in two locations, the admin dashboard and the per-event level. 

Viewing at the admin dashboard level

The global level will include form responses for all submissions from all chapters.

Chapter team members can view the form responses on a per-event basis. 

Viewing at the event level

In both cases, there is a table in the dashboard along with an option to download a CSV with all responses. The CSV download includes additional information that isn’t displayed in the table view.

Columns in the CSVs for both Forms   Columns on event responses table Columns on global responses table
Questions    User name Event title 
Entry ID   User email Event type 
Chapter title   Questions Chapter 
Chapter ID   Responded date Questions
City     User name
Country     User email
User email     Responded (date) 
Event title     Country
Event ID     Region
Event type     State
Event date      
Responded (date)      
User (name)      
User ID      
Attendee ID      

There is a special permission for viewing personally identifiable information (PII) on the post-event form. By default, chapter team members do not have this permission and thus will not see a post-event form respondents name or email. Permissions are on a per form basis. This means users can have access to the pre-order or post-event form or both.

The table view in the admin dashboard will display the responses from the previous 24 hours. The table view at the local level will display the responses from the past 30 days. You may filter by date or region to adjust at the local level & also by event type at the admin level.

Note: Currently, pre-order form results are available in the attendee CSV. With the new global setting enabled, pre-order results are separate from the attendee CSV. The post-event team form is only available to admins.

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