Editing global and event form fields

The following article includes information related to editing global and event forms. Forms reference both a pre-order, post-event, and post-event team. Learn how to manage Forms in Bevy here.

Editing global form fields

Global level form fields are set from the admin dashboard. By default, admins will have access to edit all forms in Bevy. The global set applies to all events. It is currently not configurable by event types, regions, etc.

You may opt to lock questions to prevent local leaders from editing or deleting. You can also set which fields are required or not.

Prefilling will use the field's last entry to fill the value when the form loads. Each individual field can be set to prefill at both the admin level and local level. Chapter team members can edit local level fields if they aren’t locked, as well as add their own questions with prefilling enabled.

Follow the steps below to edit any of the forms on Bevy:

  1. Click the Form tab in the Admin Dashboard sidebar
  2. Select Preorder, Post Event, or Post Event Team to edit
  3. Click Add new field
  4. Type the appropriate text and select a field type
    • Select Required or Prefill or Locked if appropriate
      1. Required ensures the user fills in the field when registering
      2. Prefill uses the field's last entry to fill the value when the form loads
      3. Locked ensures local team members can’t edit the global field
  5. The Copy icon will allow you to duplicate questions
  6. Click Save Form when complete
Note: Edits made to the global form do not apply to events already published but rather take effect on newly published events.

Editing event form fields

Admins and Chapter team members (with appropriate permissions), can add additional questions to the form on a per-event basis.

The fields that were added from the admin level cannot be edited by chapter team members, unless they are unlocked. 

Note: Questions are currently not transferred or saved from one event to the next.

Read more about editing event forms here.

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