Enabling forms

The following article includes information related to enabling Forms in Bevy and what information is gathered automatically. Forms reference the pre-order, post-event, and post-event team forms. Learn how to manage forms in Bevy here.

Enabling forms

We have introduced new UI to allow you to edit your forms on a global level. If you’d like to enable this global editor or enable the post-event form, specifically, please reach out to help@bevy.com.

You’re likely already using the pre-order form. This form appears when a user purchases a ticket or RSVPs. It can be configured on a per-event basis or edited at the global level. You can learn how to edit this form at the chapter level here.

The post-event form (survey) is used to gather feedback from users after an event ends. This too can be configured at the global level or on a per-event basis.

The post-event team form is used to gather feedback from chapter team members who hosted the event. This can be configured at the global level.

Auto-collection of basic user information

A benefit to using Forms in Bevy is the amount of data already known on attendees without having to explicitly ask. This allows for a shorter form which typically leads to an increased response rate.

The following data is always associated with the pre-order & post-event form submissions:

User (name), User email, City, State, Country, Region, Chapter title, Chapter ID, Event title, Event ID, Event type, Event date, User ID, Attendee ID, Responded (date), Entry ID

Note: This information doesn't need to be asked on the forms.

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