How can people join my community?

This article outlines the various ways people can join your community and chapters.

Joining a community 

To join a community, follow these steps:

1. Visit your community’s homepage, look for and click the Sign Up (or Join or Start attending events) button. Here are a couple of examples:

2. Fill in the details of the sign up form

Joining a chapter

Similar to joining a community, joining a chapter will be unique. Here are the general steps you can expect:

  1. Navigate to, or search for, the chapter you would like to join. If you don’t know which chapter you’d like to join, you can search for an event near you and consider joining the nearest chapter

Once you’ve found the chapter you want to join, that chapter’s page will have a button similar to the ones you see below

Registering for an event

When registering for an event, you’re given the option to sign up for a chapter’s updates. Check this box to opt into the group subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join multiple chapters?

Of course!

As a chapter member, will I be notified when a new event is published?

When you become a chapter member, you are opting into communications from the chapter you joined. You can adjust these subscription preferences by going to: Profile > Updates. Some communications are sent regardless of your settings - these include ticket confirmations, order refunds and order confirmations.

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