Edit an event

This article outlines how to edit an event after it has been published.

Edit an event

  1. There are multiple ways to navigate to an event that you want to edit. Use any of the following methods:
    1. While logged in, navigate to the live event page and click Edit Event in the top right corner
    2. From the Chapter Dashboard, click Events, select the event you want to edit and click the Edit tab
    3. From the Chapter Dashboard, click Events, click the 3 vertical dots to the right of the event and select Edit Event
  2. Once you are on the Edit page for the event, make the changes you’d like to each of the sections
  3. When you’re finished editing, click Publish from any of the section pages
  4. Click Publish, followed by OK in the confirmation modal

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit an existing event to include external ticketing?

Ticketing options, such as external ticketing, are controlled by the event type. If the event type of the event you want to edit supports Bevy ticketing, you will not be able to edit the event to accommodate external ticketing. In order to support external ticketing, you would need to choose an event type where the ticketing option is set to external ticketing. If you are a Community Admin, you can learn more about this in our Event Type Settings article. If you are not a Community Admin and have questions about using external ticketing, please reach out to your Community contact. 

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