Day of Event: Best Practices

This article points to several key tools you can leverage to make the day of an event run smoothly.

Manually adding attendees

In some cases, people will show up to your event without registering on your event page. To register them manually at the event, check out our article on Manually Adding Attendees

Note: Registration for a virtual event is required. People will be unable to attend without registering first.

Checking in attendees

Checking in attendees will help you track who’s attending your events, and enable your post event communication to be targeted and specific. Check out our article on Checking in Attendees to learn more.

Note: Check in is automatic for virtual events and occurs 15 minutes prior to the start of an event through the event end time.

The Bevy Organizer app

Using the mobile app allows you to be flexible on the day of the event. Through the app you can manually add attendees, check in attendees, print badges and scan QR codes. Check out our article on the Bevy Organizer Mobile App.

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