Manage chapter members

This article will outline how to add and remove chapter members.

Upload Member CSV

  1. Sign in, navigate to your Dashboard, search for your chapter, and click Members from the left sidebar
  2. Click the Add / Import Members button
  3. To import members from a CSV, click Browse to upload the file
    1. Make sure CSV has columns First Name, Last Name, Email  and that it is saved exclusively as a CSV.
  4. Fill out the required checkboxes
    1. These users consent to their signup and agree to the terms and conditions
    2. Subscribe new members to the global newsletter (if applicable)
  5. Enter an appropriate explanation for How did they consent?

  6. When ready, click Submit
  7. You’ll receive an email once all chapter members have been imported

Add New Members

Alternatively, you can add a singular member instead of uploading in bulk. To add an individual member, search for them using search or fill out the name and email fields. When ready, click Add Chapter Member to save. 

Remove Members

Follow these steps to remove a chapter member.

  1. Click on the Member tab in the Chapter sidebar
  2. Search for member you want to delete
    1. Select the contextual menu (3 vertical dots) on the right for a drop down of options once you've found the member you would like to remove
  3. Select Delete Member and click OK to confirm chapter member removal 

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